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Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf
Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf

About Scarborough Footgolf

Scarborough Footgolf is a course located between the villages of Cayton and Lebberston, 5 miles from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Even though this footgolf course covers an area of only 809 yards, it still provides outstanding technical challenges thanks to the rolling countryside where it is located. Unlike most of the other footgolf courses which are developed from existing golf courses, Scarborough Footgolf course has been specifically designed for the purpose of this exciting and fun sport. The holes are set at different distances, varying from 65 up to 130 yards, in order to set different challenges for players. It is ideal for special occasions, such as birthday parties, and for unforgettable outings with friends and family.

There is a second footgolf course at this location, too – the Scarborough Adventure Footgolf through the woods. This is a tactical course completely different from the Scarborough Footgolf course. They are both 9-hole courses, but the Scarborough Adventure Footgolf course has numerous obstacles, including “the bridge”, “the tunnel”, “through the Forked tree”, “Watergate”, “between the ponds”, “beat the goalie”, and many more. The most challenging hole is the final hole, and it usually takes most time to get the football in the hole. It is perfect for groups, pairs, and team time trials. If you want to have a truly amusing and exciting experience, then you can combine both courses for an unrivalled footgolf challenge.

Footballs are provided at these courses, so you do not have to bring one. Each player receives a size 5 football in a different color in order to be easily identified. Children can pick size 3 or 4 footballs. Football boots are not allowed at Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf courses. Players can wear trainers, strong shoes, or astro turfs.

You can enjoy a wonderful outing with your family, friends, or colleagues at Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf courses. It approximately takes around half an hour to complete each course, and once you are done with all the fun footgolf has to offer, you can enjoy a picnic or barbeque in the beautiful garden or take some refreshments from the tea-rooms. If you want, you can also spend the entire weekend here because there is B&B accommodation available on site. There is a café next door and free parking, too.

Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf courses are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and the working hours during the weekend are from 10am to 6pm. Both old and new players are welcome at these courses.
Scarborough Footgolf and Scarborough Adventure Footgolf courses are fun and challenging for groups, families, teams, and footgolf enthusiasts of all ages. You can play on the regular footgolf course if you are a novice because it is not extremely challenging, or you can try the Scarborough Adventure Footgolf course if you are looking for an adventure and bigger challenges. Combining both of them is also an option which promises a day filled with fun and enjoyment.